Echqlink 777 HD Receiver Powervu Key Software

echqlink 777 HD Receiver Powervu Key Software

Echqlink 777 HD Receiver is new introduced brand of China quality Echolink. This brand contains many new features. This is MP4 full HD Receiver . This receiver also supports multi USB ports.

Here in this post you will be able to update latest software of Echqlink 777 HD Receiver. Here you will get complete details step by step. This software supports following chip board Receiver.

echqlink 777 HD Receiver Powervu Key Software chip board



How to update new software of Echqlink 777 HD Receiver
Step 1. Press the Menu button from your remote of STB/Receiver.
echqlink 777 HD Receiver menu
Step 2. Now Go to Setting Menu of Receiver.
echqlink 777 HD Receiver setting menu
Step 3. Now click on Upgrade Menu from Setting.
echqlink 777 HD Receiver  upgrade menu
Step 4. Now click on USB Card Upgrade Menu.
echqlink 777 HD Receiver usb card upgrade menu
Step 5. Now Select the USB from USB/Card upgrade Menu.
echqlink 777 HD Receiver USB select
Step 6. Now Select the Software file from USB.
echqlink 777 HD Receiver Software File
Step 7. Now your software will start updating ( Keep in mind power should not be off while updating software)
echqlink 777 HD Receiver software updation
Step 8. Now your receiver will restart automatically after software update. See the updated software version.
echqlink 777 HD Receiver version
echqlink 777 HD Receiver proof Sony Sab
Be Happy and enjoy latest software of ECHQLINK 777 HD Receiver…………………………

To Download the latest software of ECHQLINK 777 HD Receiver Click on below button

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