Many cities deserve that you have visited them at least once in your life. A small detour to get out of your routine, your daily life and to get away from it all? Whether it is next to the house or at the other end of the world, a small trip (organized or backpacked) in one of the most beautiful cities in the world is always welcome. Maybe you also have cities that you absolutely must see (and for different reasons)?

1 – Kathmandu in Nepal

When the world is not ugly, it is beautiful. Yes, but this is not the only reason (and thankfully …) to see Kathmandu in first place in this top 10. To visit some monuments like the “Monkey Temple” you have to climb 140 steps, so it’s already a good reason to see this city at the top of this ranking. And if you still doubt it, a little tour in the garden of dreams, in the middle of songs of birds, restful calm, and nature, you will be able to meditate and relax.

2 – Lhasa in Tibet

Tibet is a little Buddhist refuge, special values, but still very noble. Lhasa, if you do not know, you really miss something. Between the Himalayas, which make the whole world dream, and the smells specific to Tibet, there is nothing like recharging, trekking and waking dreams.

3 – Paris in France

Paris is the city of lovers, where romanticism takes an incredible place, between rolls, cafes and French life. And then the Eiffel Tower, although the miniature is visible in the US, it is an iconic landmark of this city and this country, as many other monuments, parks and places of Paris.

4 – Beijing in China

Beijing, the beautiful Chinese capital, like all Asian cities, has this Asian culture firmly anchored. A visit to Beijing deserves to visit the forbidden city, but especially to go to see the great and beautiful wall of China that everyone is talking about but never been there.

5 – Tokyo to Japan

In the middle of the big shopping centers and this futuristic city, where the modernism is omnipresent, one finds nevertheless the Japanese culture with its religion and its magnificent gardens. And then Tokyo is the city Kawaii (for translation it means cute), so this city will welcome you with open arms with tenderness and kindness, in a universe with very unusual and original innovations.

6 – Cuzco in Peru

Spectacular hikes are available to you from Cuzco, you can go to the Andes for example. It is a city of temples, historical and religious monuments, architecturally (yes in a word!) Very beautiful. And then it’s the city named after Kuzco, the megalomaniac and totally whimsical emperor who made more than one child laugh (Ah, that does not count in the criteria?

7 – Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Peace and tranquility are the hallmarks of this city. The eco-travel mode, totally adopted by the Dutch, makes it possible to see many cyclists on the roads and to enjoy a very appreciated quality of life. The Van Gogh Museum is to see if you choose this city as a future destination.

8 – Bagan in Burma

It is in Burma, in the city of Bagan, that tourists constantly repeat that we see the most beautiful sunrise. While the light gently illuminates the city, we can see pagoda as far as the eye can see that light up and change colors and colors throughout the day. Photographers and fans of beautiful landscapes will not want to leave.

9 – Havana in Cuba

Havana is one of the cities selected for the final of the New7Wonders Cities contest, which determines the 7 cities “Wonder of the World”. This is not nothing for this Cuban capital classified at UNESCO. Old cars, neighborhoods full of music and good moods (as Habana Vieja), you can even go to see the former residence of Ernest Hemingway “Finca Vigia” to contemplate from the outside and watch the inside which seems so incredible.

10 – Rome in Italy

Rome is the city of a thousand facets. We find all the times mixed in a city with splendid Architecture, from antiquity to modernism through the Middle Ages it is a delight for the eyes. The Trevi Fountain will allow you to make your little wish and contemplate this grandiose space (well a little less when all the tourists are agglutinated and the thieves ready to recover the purses that people go out). Between fountains and magnificent monuments, Rome allows you to visit just by taking a step in front of the other. And by night, the lights will not fail to amaze you.

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