Top 10 healthiest foods in the world

Top 10 healthiest foods in the world

To keep in line and be in good health, we are often told about foods that we must try to avoid or limit consumption. Like industrial food, foods that are too fat or too sweet, for example. But hey, avoid as much food as we do not necessarily want good, it’s not everything! If you want to have a great peach and pamper our body from the inside, we must also focus on certain foods.

Healthy foods that contain the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, good fats and anti-oxidants our bodies need to fight cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, cell aging, and some cancers. Especially.

So if you want to live long and healthy, CuisineAZ has prepared a small list of the 10 healthiest foods on the planet. To put each week on our shopping list imperatively!


If the apple is one of the healthiest fruits of the orchard, it is simply thanks to its richness in fibers, vitamins, but also in antioxidants. If we want to help our body fight against free radicals, it is second to none. In addition, with all the varieties of apples that exist, it’s hard to get tired of this delicious fruit, to consume raw or cooked. The icing on the cake: the apple is also one of the best cutfares in the world!


Lentils are one of the most famous legumes that exist. And the healthiest too! High in soluble fiber, they protect our heart and absorb cholesterol before it has time to settle on our arteries. And thanks to the proteins they contain in an interesting quantity, the lenses regulate our blood sugar level: perfect for us to avoid untimely cravings. Finally, a recent study showed that on the antioxidant side, lentils ranked very well among legumes.


The blueberry is a small bay that comes from Canada and looks very much like blueberry. By its color (blue, even if the precisions seem useless!), But also by its incredible content of antioxidants. It is also one of the bays that contains the most in the world, just that. Consume blueberries, so it protects against cardiovascular diseases, cancer, vision problems, memory loss, cell aging, but also urinary tract infections … So it’s decided, blueberries, we do not put them in a vase anymore, we eat them!


We have long demonized avocado for its high fat content. But today, it has been restored to nobility by finally ranking it among the healthiest foods in the world. Because it is certainly high in fat, but in good fat, which helps to lower our cholesterol! A key: less cholesterol, and therefore less risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. In addition, avocado also contains glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants …


A good reason to classify broccoli as one of the top 10 healthiest foods? Can it be his reputation as an anti-cancer food? In fact, broccoli is a vegetable rich in sulfur compounds, the consumption of which leads to an increase in the production of enzymes that detoxify carcinogenic substances. Not bad is not it ? Without forgetting that thanks to its richness in calcium, potassium, fiber, vitamins K and C, it also protects our bones, our blood pressure, our memory … To consume urgently, raw or cooked.


Almonds is the little snack that you should always have at your fingertips or in your bag. And yes: almonds, it’s less fat than a Mars! But in addition, almonds are hypernutrients, and allow us to fill up with vitamins E, magnesium (two nutrients that are usually lacking in our diet), antioxidants, and fiber. With chia seeds, they are among the healthiest and most nutritious nuts and seeds in the world!

Flax seeds

In the family of very nutritious seeds, flaxseed is not left out, far from the same! In a tablespoon of flaxseeds there is indeed a little over 2 grams of fiber. And not just any fiber: soluble fiber that will help lower our bad cholesterol levels. Best of all, flax seeds also help us fight against breast cancer and stroke.


Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibiotic …, garlic protects our heart, our arteries, our immune system … Not to mention that it helps us fight against diabetes, cholesterol, digestive disorders, and keeps cancer from the colon or prostate. It suffices to consume 6 small pods per week. After, a little tooth brushing to avoid having a too repulsive breath, and voila!


Pepper is a vegetable that is appreciated as raw as cooked, green, yellow, orange or red! Very low in calories, this vegetable has a richness in fiber, water, and vitamins A, B, C, P very interesting. Especially that vitamins C and P, associated with the many antioxidants that contains pepper, allow us to fight against cellular aging and help us to keep a beautiful skin!


Although salmon is a fatty fish, it is one of the healthiest foods available. Why ? And just because the fat in it is good fats, pampering our arteries and even protect us from cardiovascular disease. A recent study found that eating salmon twice a week was enough to reduce the risk of heart attack by 27%. Go, zou, go to the fish shop!

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