If on the one hand man has not stopped creating all kinds of junk food over time; on the other, he has always been on the hunt for the miracle diet. The proof, we do not even count the number of regimes created until today. Be careful, some are not even trying. Here are the top 10 craziest diets that have been created to become or stay slim.

10. The Fletcher Diet … Chew Every Mouth 32 Times

This diet takes its name from the one who created it: Horace Fletcher, an art dealer. It is based on the fact that eating slowly while taking the time to chew well could help to lose weight. For his part, he lost 30 kg following this method. The unusual aspect of this diet is that Fletcher recommends chewing each bite at least 32 times until it becomes liquid. If necessary, it should be spit out. Not only is it not glamorous, but you may need more than 2 hours of lunch time.

9. The zygomatic diet … to die of laughter

Laughing would help us burn calories; hence the very foundation of this hilarious regime. For optimal functioning of the metabolism, you must laugh as much as possible … well, it depends on what you ate at lunch. To give you an idea, you’d have to laugh for 15 minutes to burn 40 calories. Good luck! And do not forget to bet on Comedies during your movie nights otherwise the popcorn will not pass.

8. Air diet … eat air

This is probably the most “crazy” diet in the true sense. The air diet consists of pretending to eat. You then beautifully set the table, you sit and do a simulation in front of an empty plate. You chew and swallow air. Certainly, if you do not eat anything, you will definitely lose weight. But is it worth it? Because the deficiencies are inevitable and you will probably starve if you are thoroughly in the dishes to the air. Not to mention, that you risk having hallucinations by dint of imagining foods that do not exist.

7. The blood group diet

It would seem that people who belong to different blood groups should or could not lose weight in the same way. Group A: fruits and vegetables morning, noon, evening / Group B: carte blanche on dairy products / Group AB: zero deprivation (how will these people lose weight) / Group O: diet based on red meats. Efficient or not, this weird diet is not recommended by doctors.

6. Cigarette diet VS cigarettes cravings

The cigarette diet dates back to the 1920s when the Lucky Strike cigarette advertising campaign focused on the appetite suppressant effect of nicotine. They advised to take a cigarette instead of a candy. Certainly, the weight problem will be largely solved if you avoid sweets; but you will have other problems as serious, if not more, being dependent on cigarettes.

5. Lord Byron’s diet … potatoes and vinegar on the daily menu

Lord Byron was a British poet who was very afraid of gaining weight. His diet is to eat only vinegar potatoes with sparkling water. For a little help to the scales, he was almost always wearing warm and heavy clothes to sweat as much as possible. He lost 31 kg in 5 years … but he died at 36 years old because of health … Example not to follow.

4. The Last Chance Diet or Prolinn Diet

Even the name of the regime looks scary; as if you were going to try to lose weight one last time before dying. The last chance diet or Prolinn diet was created by Roger Linn, a doctor claiming to have found the perfect solution for losing weight. This consists of consuming nothing, if not a special drink worth 400 calories. This magic potion (or not) was composed of bones, horns, hooves, tendons; in short, waste from slaughterhouses. Several people who had followed this diet would have died of heart attack.

3. The werewolf regime

The principle of the werewolf diet is to consume only juice during the full moon period. This is a kind of detox to get rid of stored fat. Some say that during this period the kidneys are stimulated and the toxins would be eliminated more easily; but hey, it’s still a diet not to try because dangerous for health; even if some stars like Madonna and Demi Moore have already tried it.

2. The diet baby food or potty

To lose weight, many adults decide to feed themselves like children, worse, like babies. As the name of the diet indicates, it is to consume mainly pots for baby. Although it is vitamin enriched foods, it is clear that it is not suitable for adults who need more energy values; and especially protein. Lady Gaga would buy dozens of jars a week to stay (very, very) thin.

1. The Tapeworm diet … feed a worm in his belly

Some people are capable of anything to lose weight, even give birth and feed a little beast in their belly. The Tapeworm diet involves swallowing a worm egg. This is the only mission of the person who wants to get rid of his excess weight. It will then be the worm to consume the calories introduced. Note that this worm can reach up to 10 meters long and can also reproduce in the human belly. Moreover, it seems that this is what caused the death of Maria Callas, a famous Greek singer.

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