Top 10 best airlines in the world in 2018

Top 10 best airlines in the world in 2018

A tradition is established, the World Airline Awards have become a world reference in terms of excellence of the airline industry and airlines.

The top 10 airlines for the year 2018 is finally unveiled, and the price of the best airline was awarded to Singapore Airlines.

The ranking is as follows:

1 Singapore Airlines
Singapore airlines

Singapore Airlines is an internationally recognized icon that offers the high standards of care and service its customers expect. The Singapore Airlines network covers several destinations on six continents.

2 Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is still at the top of the best airlines in the world. It is undoubtedly one of the best known airlines in the world.

3 ANA All Nippon Airways

Founded in 1952 in Japan, this airline continues to develop to become one of the most famous airlines in the world.

4 Emirates Airlines

A world-renowned airline. In order to occupy the top ranks, Emirates has certainly been able to meet the quality standards required by Skytrax, implemented since 1999.

5 Eva Air

Eva Air is the second largest Taiwanese airline and flies to more than 40 destinations. This airline has always maintained a quality service for its customers.

6 Cathay Pacific Airways

Chinese airline Cathay Pacific Airways was dethroned from its position of first place winner in 2014. Cathay Pacific Group provides scheduled transportation services to more than 200 destinations in Asia, North America, Australia, Europe and in Africa.

7 Lufthansa

The only company in Europe to come in the top 10 is Lufthansa. This German airline is the largest airline in Europe in terms of fleet size and passengers transported the last 2 years.

8 Hainan Airlines

With perseverance, Hainan Airlines has evolved from a small domestic carrier to a global airline. This company began operations in 1993 and now has more than 300 aircraft in service.

9 Garuda Indonesia

This company wins this year the ninth place in the ranking. Garuda Indonesia proudly serves its passengers with the award-winning service “Garuda Indonesia Experience”, which emphasizes the hospitality and richness of Indonesian culture.

10 Thai Airways

Thai Airways has established itself among the largest airlines in the world. This national airline of Thailand serves 84 destinations in 37 countries, with a fleet of about 90 aircraft.

So here is the Skytrax ranking this year, do you really find it objective?

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