20 information you definitely do not know about our world!

Learn 20 general information about our world, which you certainly do not know !!!

The joy of information

First, who does not like the information of any nature? We all learn from time to time various seemingly “useless” and general-purpose information about various events in our world. So, learn 20 information, which will leave you mouth open!

1.Do you know that 11% of people are left-handed? 

2.Did you know that August has the highest birth rate?

3.Did you know that only when the food is mixed with saliva can you taste it?

4.Did you know that the average person sleeps in 7 minutes?

5.Did you know that the bear has 42 teeth?

6.Did you know that the eye of the ostrich is bigger than her brain?

7.Did you know that lemons contain more sugar than strawberries?

8.Did you know that 8% of people have an extra rib (the 13th rib)?

9.Do you know that 85% of the world’s flora is in the ocean?

10.Do you know that Ralph Lauren’s original name was Ral

h Lifshitz?

11.Did you know that the rabbit likes licorice?

12.Do you know that the Hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters?

13.Did you know that “Topolino” is the name of Mickey Mouse in Italy?

14.Did you know that the lobster blood is colorless, but when exposed to oxygen, it becomes blue?

15.Did you know that the snakes are giving birth to 4 babies in each gender and are each of the same sex?

16.Did you know that the only continent without active volcanoes is Australia?

17.Did you know that the longest recorded chicken flight was 13 seconds?

18.Did you know that birds need gravity to swallow?

19.Did you know that the most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E?

20.Do you know that the 3 most common languages ​​in the world are Chinese, Spanish and English?

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